06 July 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I love babies!!! We featured a few fathers in the issue before Father's Day and I got to go take photos of babies and their fathers. This two-week old was my favorite!

I love my dad, by the way.


On assignment, I took some photos for a BYU-Idaho event featuring a group called Shidara. They practice ancient Japanese drumming styles and have been touring for several years now. I was quite impressed with their execution and engagement with the audience.

Rexburg Idaho Temple

This is the Rexburg Idaho temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The temple and house of our God can bring only joy and immeasurable peace that nowhere else on earth can provide. I testify of it's sacredness and it's importance and influence in my life and in work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Scenes of a Symphony

Here's a few scenes of an orchestra. One thing I've learned about photography is that the eyes through a camera see hidden stories not otherwise seen.

Jazz Festival

On assignment, I was able to go to a Jazz festival featuring the BYU-Idaho jazz band and a few soloists. The trumpeter featured was Byron Stripling and the singer was Kevyn Lettau, both of who are accomplished jazz artists.

Take me to the park

Here's a few shots of a walk through Porter Park

23 March 2008

Happy Spring!

Whoa it's been a long time! Happy Easter though! Here are some old pictures. I was on a plane going back to school and these pictures were flying over rainy Oregon, and as soon as we got over the clouds there was a rainbow! Who knew they were a circle from above? It makes sense though. Anyway, we few inbetween the sun and the rainbow and you could see the plane's shadow. Anyway, pretty cool.

19 February 2008

A Hidden Beauty

This weekend I was able to go back to my home town Baker City, Oregon! I always forget how beautiful it is there in that little valley. These pictures were from a ski trip up to Anthony Lakes. I'm not going to lie, I love it there.